How to reduce sweating: easy treatments

All people sweat, to differing degrees, in the underarms, face, the palms or the soles of the feet, or on the back or chest while exercising. However some people sweat profusely even when they are not physically active (around 3% of the population). They suffer from excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.

Do you have a problem with overactive sweat glands?

Hyperactive sweat glands produce more sweat because they are working more than the body actually requires. As a result your clothes may get yellow stains from the perspiration or you may need to change your clothes multiple times throughout the day. Hyperhidrosis can cause an odour (bromhidrosis) that can also make you feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, if you have problems with hyperhidrosis, it is possible to sweat uncontrollably regardless of the ambient temperature. You could be indoors in a room with the air conditioning or outside in freezing cold winter.

Hyperhidrosis in any part of the body can affect a person on an emotional level, especially when it comes to social interactions. Obviously, sweating can be embarrassing, impact your work and personal relationships, and also affect your social life.

First steps to reduce sweating

Many people use standard antiperspirants and deodorants to help with their hyperhidrosis. Only antiperspirants will reduce the sweating, while deodorants are just fragrances that only help mask the odour. If you find regular antiperspirants are not controlling your symptoms then try an antiperspirant with high aluminium content (above 20%). These can be found in most supermarkets or over the counter in pharmacies. They usually contain the word “clinical” in the brand name e.g. Rexona Clinical Protection or Dove Clinical Protection.

The next stage for treating your hyperhidrosis

If you discover you sweat excessively, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor who understands this condition. More than 60% of patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis do not seek medical help as they don’t realise there are safe and effective treatments available.

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