How to sweat less and reduce body odour

Around 3% of people suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. However not all people with hyperhidrosis suffer from body odour (bromhidrosis), nevertheless this often causes much more stigma and associated embarrassment. The smell is caused by bacteria that thrive in the moist environment.

Stay clean and pay attention to body hygiene

Showering regularly, sometimes twice a day, may be necessary and ensure that you dry yourself properly afterwards. It may help to shave your underarm hair regularly since the bacteria that produce the odour can be associated with the hair follicles.

What you wear will make a difference

Limit the number of layers you wear because this can cause you to sweat more. A lot of heat from the body is lost through the head so when don’t require sun protection avoid wearing a hat. The clothes you wear should be loose fitting and made of cotton (rather than synthetic material). This allows the air to reach your skin and to keep it cool.

Over the counter products

Using an antiperspirant is more helpful than a deodorant to control body odour since it reduces the cause of the body odour in the first place (the sweating that produces the moist environment for the bacteria to thrive). Deodorants are only fragrances that mask the smell. It is best to go for an antiperspirant with high aluminium content. Ones with 20% (e.g. Driclor, Rexona Clinical Protection or Dove Clinical Protection) are the most effective and it is best to apply them in the evening before going to sleep.

You can purchase shower/bath gel that has anti-bacterial properties in chemists (this is often used by patients prior to having an operation). This might help with the odour that occurs with hyperhidrosis since it is caused by bacterial overgrowth.

Doctor prescribed medications

After a clinical review by one of our physicians an antibiotic gel can be prescribed which can be very effective in controlling the bacteria that produce the odour.

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