miraDry treatments are here!

available in Sydney only

The long wait for a permanent solution is now available!

Finally approved by the TGA, Australian’s can finally benefit from this revolutionary treatment for excessive underarm sweating.

miraDry is safe, comfortable, and effective – reducing sweating by 80-90% – permanently!

  • miraDry is the long term solution for excessive armpit sweating
  • Sweat injections are very effective, but need to be repeated every 4-6 months
  • Each session take an hour to perform
  • miraDry works by using microwave beams to heat up your sweat glands long term but safely destroying them
  • A special cooling device protects the upper layers of your skin during the treatment
  • miraDry patients will achieve up to 80% sweat reduction – permanently
  • Treatments are comfortable, as we use numbing cream, local anaesthetic, and if needed some mild sedation
  • Most patients can go back to work or school the very next day, as miraDry downtime is minimal

How does miraDry treatment work?

miraDry is the very latest in anti-sweating treatments for axillary hyperhidrosis (sweaty armpits). Unlike sweat stopping treatments injections, this treatment is PERMANENT.

You will have a everlasting sweat reduction of up to 80%.

miraDry uses safe, electromagnetic energy that is directed to the underarm sweat glands. This energy is converted to heat, and the area is heated to a precise temperature of 67 degrees. This destroys the eccrine units (sweat glands) permanently. A cool applicator protects the upper layers of the skin, whilst local anaesthetic to the area makes this procedure comfortable and well tolerated. Because your body contains millions of eccrine units, treating your armpits will only eliminate 2% of your sweat glands- so you do not need to worry about heat stroke or compensatory/ rebound sweating.

Does miraDry treatment hurt?

The excessive sweating areas are marked out by the Specialist with your guidance. A guide maker helps the Specialist perform an even number of injections, which ranges from 10-20 sites in each armpit. In some cases we apply numbing cream before the sweat stopping treatments procedure, this makes the treatment pain free.

After injections the areas are compressed with ice packs for 5 minutes and we suggest a short 1 week course of an anti-inflammatory medication. You are right to perform your daily duties, and even exercise a few hours later.

How long does the procedure take?

This treatment is well tolerated. We use several methods to ensure maximum patient comfort levels. There is a in built cooling system protects the upper layers of the skin, additionally we use a local anaesthetic to the area to numb your arm pits. For anxious or needle phobic patients we can give sedation in the form of an inhalation gas.

How long does it take to recover?

Treatment takes between 120 minutes depending on the size of the armpit.
How safe is MiraDry and are there any side effects?

This treatment is extremely safe, and has been approved by the Australian TGA as well as the US FDA and European CE. Side effects are very rare. Prolonged swelling and redness occurs in less than 5% of patients and we suggest a short course of an anti-inflammatory medication. Most patients recover within 1-3 days.

This treatment has not been reported to cause rebound or compensatory sweating seen with surgery.

How much does miraDry treatment cost?

As at 2019, the current cost of the first treatment session is $3000.
If a 2nd sessions required after 3 months, the second session is $2000.

Does Medicare or Private Health Insurance Cover the cost of Treatment?

No. Unfortunately this is not covered under Medicare, nor is covered under your Private Health Insurance. The reason for this is the consumables needed to perform this procedure. 

  • If you hold International Medical insurance, the cost may be covered. .

How does miraDry differ from other treatments for hyperhidrosis?

miraDry is a long term solution whilst sweat stopping treatments is temporary. Once patients complete their miraDry treatment, they will achieve sweat reduction of up to 80% for life! Sweat stopping treatments is an excellent treatment for excessive sweating, but this needs to be repeated sometimes every 4-6 months for life.

In most cases both work equally well, however gives you everlasting sweat reduction, and one gives you temporary sweat reduction.

The choice comes down to 2 factors- firstly, if you are after a long term treatment for your underarm sweating- the answer is miraDry.

If you want a temporary solution that works very well, AND at an affordable price point to everyone- the choice is sweat injections.

How do I get started?

You initially require an assessment by an lead Neurologist to ensure your condition will respond to miraDry. On the day of treatment, we allocate at least 2 hours for your treatment and hence a deposit is required.

To book in for miraDry or for a consultation in regards to this procedure, call (02) 9810 6633

Can miraDry be used for any other areas?

No. miraDry can ONLY be used to treat sweaty armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis). It can NOT be used to treat sweaty hands, nor sweaty feet, because electromagnetic energy delivered to these areas can damage nerves and tendons.

Excessive sweating is greatly under diagnosed, and poorly treated. miraDry is the provides a everlasting solution and can be life changing.