Profuse sweating: control it with knowledge

Profuse sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a concerning issue that can have negative effects on sufferers. It can make a person lose confidence in themselves, especially when it comes to socially interacting with people.

But you are not alone, there are a lot of people who suffer from this condition. They often keep the condition to themselves because of the embarrassment they feel and would rather hide it than discuss it with a physician. This means the problem is often left untreated, and can lead to ongoing suffering.

Easy things to control profuse sweating: how you dress

Don’t wear clothing made from synthetic textiles because they block the skin from getting the air it needs to stay cool. Cotton is a good fabric for apparel so when you go shopping read the labels for what the garment is made from. Unlike Cotton, synthetic materials block the air from reaching your skin and you will sweat more and which will result in body odour. Synthetic fabrics are also tougher to clean if they get stains on them.

A simple step like wearing loose fitting cotton clothing can make a difference because it ventilates the skin. Avoid tight fitting clothes and make sure you dress appropriately based on the environment. If it’s warm, wear light comfortable clothing and if it’s cold, wear clothes that keep you warm yet allow some ventilation. Multiple layers can induce sweating.

Profuse sweating antiperspirants and deodorants

There are differences between antiperspirants and deodorants. A deodorant can get rid of the embarrassing odours of sweat by covering it up. However they will not reduce how much you sweat so you may still have a problem with stained clothing. If you decide to buy a deodorant, make sure it is alcohol free since alcohol can promote sweating.

A better option is to use an antiperspirant because it can lessen the sweating. You can buy them in various forms like spray or gel. When you look for these, look at the ingredients listed. If the product is aluminium based, this will work well in most cases. As the percentage of aluminium increases so does the efficacy of the antiperspirant (the clinical strength brands e.g. Rexona Clinical Protection and Dove Clinical Protection have 20% Aluminium). These block the sweat pores by forming a plug that prevents the sweat from escaping. They sometimes can cause localised skin irritation because when they react with sweat the aluminium chloride forms hydrochloric acid.

What next?

After trying these simple measures it is best to go to a doctor for medical assessment and a suitable specialised treatment can be tried.

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