No Sweat Clinic – Testimonials

What our patients say about us…

“I just wanted to send a HUGE message of thanks. The outcome of the injections was so much more than I was expecting. I can’t believe that I did not come for treatment earlier. I’m back to using a ‘normal’ amount of antiperspirant and not applying it 10 times a day. I have gone from covering up with jackets to now wearing tops and shirts I am no longer ashamed to wear. On a warmer day such as today, particularly on the train ride home it would be very noticeable (well to me) but today not a drop to be seen. In fact, since Friday not a drop of sweat to be seen. So THANK YOU once again for everything, it has made me more comfortable and given me some confidence back.”

20 year old male – underarm sweat (axillary hyperhidrosis)*

“I experienced excessive sweating under my arms and was very self-conscious about the issue, especially when wearing clothes that showed the sweat patches. I then heard about the No Sweat Clinic and immediately contacted them to get a consultation.
The initial consultation went fantastically. The doctor explained the procedure and advised of the precautions and the likely results of the treatment. I was more than happy with the information that I was given and was happy to continue with the procedure on the same day. The procedure is not completely pain free however the numbing cream given prior helps a lot and before you know it the whole thing is finished!
I was thrilled with the results; I was able to wear everything without sweating a drop! Even in Australia’s hot summer days! My first treatment lasted 5 months and I have now undergone the procedure 3 times and would recommend it anyone who has the same issue.”

22 year old female – underarm sweat (axillary hyperhidrosis)*

“The… injections have worked fabulously and I now feel I have my life back since I got them last week. Thank you once again.”

23 year old female – underarm sweat (axillary hyperhidrosis)*

“Just a quick update regarding the treatment of my underarm sweating. It has worked great! It’s been a couple of months now and I am really appreciating the results. Thank you very much.”

27 year old male – underarm sweat (axillary hyperhidrosis)*

“I’m extremely happy with the results and found that my sweat has reduced by up to 85%. I have already noticed a huge difference in my confidence and the way I go about my daily activities. I look forward to meeting you again in the future.”

22 year old female – sweaty hands (palmar hyperhidrosis)*

“I have noticed a reduction in my facial sweating and it is getting better. I’m happy with the results and I think so far this is definitely the correct dosage and what I would like to keep repeating in future treatments. Thank you, and I’ll keep you posted with my progress.”

29 year old male – facial sweating (craniofacial hyperhidrosis)*

“There was once a time when the prospect of shaking another person’s hand caused me more stress than was due. Little did I know that I was and am not alone in the fight against hyperhidrosis, little did I know that there was help. I first received Dr Carroll’s hyperhidrosis treatment for both of my hands mid-2012, I had long been searching for a solution and, finally, one came. The treatment entailed two nerve block injections for each hand, followed by a completely painless set of injections into the sweat-affected areas of the palm and fingers. Within a week after the treatment I noticed a profound change, the sweating in my hands had utterly ceased. Since then I have had a total of three treatments and am currently relishing in the simple enjoyments that dry hands bring. I’m now able to shake other’s hands without giving it a second thought and am enjoying a hitherto unknown sweat-free life.”

16 year old male – sweaty hands (palmar hyperhidrosis)*

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