There aren’t many conditions that have such a big impact on people’s lives as sweaty palms (palmar hyperhidrosis). When signing a document or writing on a piece of paper the ink can smudge and the paper can get wet and difficult to write on. Opening a tight jar or turning a knob can be difficult without a good grip. Making a good first impression can be difficult when shaking the hand of a future boss during an interview or holding the hand of someone you are interested in on your first date. Often the hardest thing to deal with is the thoughtless comments people make (or the faces they pull) when they shake your hand or pick up something that has been held by a sufferer.

First try an antiperspirant

Most people don’t realise that antiperspirants can be used for excessive sweating in regions other than underarms. It is best to use one that has a high aluminium content, e.g. Driclor or Rexona Clinical Protection since these are the most effective. Apply it before you sleep since sweating reduces while you are sleeping and it works better. It can cause localized irritation that might restrict its use in some people.

Then seek medical help

It is then good to seek medical review at a clinic that specializes in hyperhidrosis, like us. After a medical consultation, where a history and examination will be conducted to exclude underlying medical causes of your hyperhidrosis, a treatment will then be decided on.

PBS listed anti-hyperhidrosis treatment is a very effective option. You will start to notice a difference after 4 days however full effect will take up to 2 weeks. It lasts on average around 6 months and from experience subsequent treatments can be more effective. Treatment is conducted after numbing the surface of the hand with two hand blocks which makes the procedure very comfortable. Rarely people can experience weakness in the muscle at the base of the thumb however this is only transient and if it occurs only lasts around 2 weeks. If you also suffer from excessive sweating of the foot then the good news is often patients who get their hands treated notice a reduction in their foot hyperhidrosis.

Another option is iontophoresis which involves buying a machine (costs vary from $500 to $1000) in which you immerse your hands. It creates electrically charged water that creates ions that alter the flow of sweat through the eccrine sweat ducts. Initially you will need to treat your hands for around 20 minutes a day then once you notice symptom reduction then you may need maintenance treatment a couple of times a week. The sensation can take a while to get used to (you can increase the dose as tolerated), and if you have any abrasions or cuts over your hands or fingers it is good to cover them with Vaseline since it will reduce the discomfort.

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