Underarm sweat pads to protect your clothing

There are two types of sweat glands found in the underarm region, they are the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. Generally in underarm hyperhidrosis it is the eccrine sweat gland that is overactive. However the apocrine sweat glands produce a thick, milk secretion that when in contact with bacteria that reside on the skin it produces a strong body odour.

The reasons you need underarm sweat pads

Sweat pads work in unexpected circumstances. Even if you use antiperspirants and wear light clothing sweat marks cannot be avoided if you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis. A hot day or exercise is not the only common trigger since it can also be triggered by unpredictable stressful situations.

The sweat pads can absorb the moisture which makes the environment less desirable for the bacteria that reside in the underarm region. This will reduce the body odour that results when the secretion from the apocrine sweat glands occurs.

The sweat pads reduce sweat stains (a mixture of the sweat and antiperspirant) which can be unsightly and often significantly reduce the lifespan of clothing.

Underarm sweat pads as a remedy

This is a quick and very affordable option. Underarm sweat pads absorb between 10 to 20ml of sweat and are usually effective at reducing stains to clothes. People can use them daily if they sweat heavily or, if they don’t sweat as much, when they expect to sweat a lot for example during exercise or when they have a meeting or presentation in the office.

Still sweating? What to do next

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